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This is a really early version to test out the core gameplay, there might be bugs but I will try to fix them as soon as possible. Thanks for helping me by testing this game :) 

Deep Space is a round based space battle game where 2 teams fight each other while  each team controls a space destroyer together.

You can host a server and have your friends join you, the game will split you into two random, but even teams. Each team has one main battleship and they will spawn inside of it. They can control the ship and its turrets, fly smaller fighters, control the energy distribution and more. The goal is to destroy the enemy teams main ship, then the winner will be announced and you return back to the lobby to start another round.

If you prefer playing alone, you can play PVE missions aswell (WIP), or have a friend help you out in a coop mission!

Current features:

- Singleplayer and Coop (online) missionS

- online PVP mode (host/join server, everyone gets into a lobby and game starts if host is ready, win condition is to destroy the opposing teams ship, game announces the winner and sends you back to the lobby, including auto team making/balancing and a scoreboard)

- control the main ship, its turrets, its energy distribution

- select unique upgrades for your small fighter and get in the Hangar to join the action with it


WASD, Jump --- Movement

Left Mouse Button --- Shoot

F --- Interact with Object

T --- Thermal Vision

Tab --- Scoreboard

V --- Toggle First/Third Person Camera (in the main ship) // Self-destruct your small fighter


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Version 9

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